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AI coaching is the future - Symbolon is doing pioneering work

Surveillance, disinformation, general threats, often the focus in Europe is on dangers such as AI lies, hallucinates, stores everything and uses it for whatever, certainly nothing good. This attitude has consequences, because we are standing in our own way.

Personalentwicklung durch Symbolon-Selbst-Coaching mit KI

Europe is in last place in the use of generative AI

Generative AI has made it possible to have new texts (e.g. with ChatGPT) or images (e.g. with Midjourney) generated by digital systems. Many systems are accessible 24/7 free of charge.

The business magazine brandeins (12/23, p.10) uses usage figures to illustrate attitudes towards AI: proportion of people who regularly use generative AI (such as ChatGPT) at work and in their private lives:

  • in the USA 41%

  • in so called developing countries 40%

  • in Europe 35%.

While the USA and many other countries outside Europe are moving towards the topic of AI with an idea of increasing potential, in Europe we are mostly seeing risk prevention and "German Angst".

Data protection issues are of course important, but they must not petrify us. It is difficult to adopt a wait-and-see attitude when the world outside Europe is developing at breakneck speed. AI developments are not comparable with the introduction of the 3D printer, but rather with access to the global internet. There is no turning back, we are already in the middle of it. Perhaps in the same way that life without a smartphone has become unthinkable today.

Pioneering work in the field of coaching with AI 😊 

In 2023, Symbolon AG developed an AI coaching offering that contains a secure form of AI. Instead of generative AI, we use classifying AI. The most important difference between the two AI variants is that the classifying AI only makes validated statements and does not invent new texts. The fact that such AI systems also exist is not addressed in the current AI debate!

Compared to generative AI, classifying AI is limited in its horizons and is not creative. This has the advantage that it cannot hallucinate. In the context of AI, hallucinating means making a false statement without making it recognizable. False statements that may lead to injury are fatal in the coaching context. This should be prevented at all costs. Coaching systems with generative AI, such as AIMY® from Coachhub, are being developed. Research is being carried out to solve the major problem of hallucination.

Our classifying Symbolon AI is only strong in the area for which we have trained it: Guiding a reflection process based on the Symbolon questioning technique. It cannot offer or answer anything to the left or right of this. This requires users who have experience with generative AI to adjust their expectations of Symbolon AI coaching. Instead of submitting queries and tasks to the system, they have to engage with the AI chatbot and allow themselves to be guided through a coaching process. Just as they would do with a human coach.

With anonymous Symbolon AI coaching, there is already a 24/7 accessible coaching service that is secure and offers the highest quality coaching. The Symbolon AI chatbot coaches in German and English and implements the Symbolon questioning technique that has been tried and tested for 25 years.

I am delighted that we have succeeded in combining coaching, art and AI in this effective way. I recommend focusing on exploration and developing potential, especially for yourself and in the AI debate in general!!

Speaking of which, have you used AI coaching to develop your professional potential today?


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