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The Art of using AI in Coaching

Updated: 11 hours ago


I'm excited to share some of my insights from my recent attendance at the last International Coaching Federation (ICF) event, organised by ICF Portugal, where I had the privilege of participating in a session that delved into the fascinating intersection of Agile coaching, Art and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  

Unleashing the Power of Art in Coaching  

I was drawn to a session, from Christine Kranz, MCC that promised to explore the synergy between artworks and coaching. I experienced how this integration improves the coaching experience, as you draw parallels between the artwork and the actual challenges you encounter in your professional life.  

Besides facilitating a great live demo of the coaching process, Christine introduced a cutting-edge platform that uses AI for self coaching, leveraging an images and symbols to deepen the reflection process in their clients.  

The incorporation of images and symbols into coaching is not a new concept, but the marriage of these visual elements with AI brought an entirely new dimension to the coaching process. My curious self had to test the platform. This is what I learned.  

Symbols as Catalysts for Change. AI as coach Empowering Self reflection  

The session on AI Powered Platform explored the use of symbols to evoke emotions and facilitate self-reflection. The "AI Coach" could guide me through a series of symbol-based exercises, uncovering hidden insights and sparking meaningful thoughts and conversations with myself. This innovative approach proved to be a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal development. The platform is build in a way that makes you feel safe, and able to share things that probably you would not share with an human coach. The AI coach is also very powerful summarising what I said during the session, which helps a lot.  

The Human-AI Partnership: Enhancing, Not Replacing, Coaching  

A key takeaway from the session was the emphasis on the symbiotic relationship between human coaches and AI. The technology served as a powerful assistant, augmenting the coaching process rather than replacing the invaluable human connection, that is behind the technology. As an Agile coach, I see the potential for AI to enhance the overall coaching experience for both individuals and teams.  

Embracing the Future: Integrating AI into Agile Coaching Practices  

The session emphasized the significance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements in coaching. As an Agile coach, I am excited about the prospect of integrating AI into my coaching toolkit, going beyond accelerating agile practices. The potential for more effective team dynamics, improved communication, and enhanced problem-solving is immense.  

The fusion of AI with coaching marks a significant step forward in our quest to empower individuals and teams on their journey of growth and excellence.  

This article was first published on Linked. Thank you Ana for sharing! 

Ana Paula Valente Pereira

Catalyst for Innovation and Change, Lisboa


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