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AI Coaching: How to Get Started - Lunch sessions Jan & Feb 24

Join a lunch session with Dr. Friederike Redlbacher, AI coaching expert, and engage in the topic of AI coaching. No prior knowledge of AI is necessary.


About the lecture

While the USA and many other countries outside Europe are moving towards the topic of AI with an idea of increasing potential, in Europe we are mostly seeing risk prevention and "German Angst". Data protection issues are of course important, but they must not petrify us. It is difficult to adopt a wait-and-see attitude when the world outside Europe is developing at breakneck speed. AI developments are not comparable with the introduction of the 3D printer, but rather with access to the global internet. There is no turning back, we are already in the middle of it.


In the short lecture Friederike will introduce what kind of AI systems are currently used in the coaching industry and how coaches and HR professionals can benefit from the tools. She will also present the Symbolon AI coaching tool and share how Symbolon developed the tool and how it is progressing.


After the lecture there is space for questions, comments and exchange. The language spoken is simple English. Friederike understands German as well and can help in case there is translation needed. The second session in January will be in German.


Friederike is offering four lunch sessions. The lecture will be the same in each session. The exchange will be unique depending on who engages.


The dates are Wednesdays: January 10th (in ENG) & 24th (in DEU), February 7th (in ENG) and 21st (in ENG) from 12.00 to 12.45 noon (CET, Berlin Time)


Participation is free of charge.  After signing up for the lecture, you will receive an email with the login for the Zoom room.

AI Coaching: How to Get Started - Lunch sessions Jan & Feb 24

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