Symbolon Management Development


Does the management succeed to realize the strategy as "great work"?

The picture of the orchestra is a metaphor for strategy implementation and common achievement. The composer elaborates with conductors and musicians a composition. To bring the music to life, it takes the orchestra. Each actor is a person with specific skills and needs. The diversity of instruments and musicians, and the perfect interaction creates a unique sound experience. With leadership skills and charisma the conductor manages to inspire the musicians and to awaken their potential. With concentration and dedication they bring the instruments to sound and produce the musical masterpiece. The enthusiasm of the musicians carries over to their customers. The symphony goes down in history as an unforgettable work.

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There is a path that only few in management development  have tread, and Symbolon AG with its owner, Christine Kranz, have done so by extending the left-hemisphere, analytical approach of psychometrics to a  comprehensive right-hemisphere perspective. With their symbolic  language of pictures, which also reminds one – among others- of the archetypes as described by C.G. Jung, the Symbolon Profile unobtrusively penetrates the deepest layers of individuals, teams and organizations. It is therefore able to quickly and holistically articulate optimal  development suggestions and strategies, which allow individuals and organizations to transform as if by magic. For this new type of approach to change processes Symbolon deserves a well  respected place among the “Leadership Gurus”. 

by Dr. Gert Ahrer, Vienna (A)