Symbolon References

In the cooperation with our customers it is a central concern for us to set up interventions and processes in a way that companies, organizations, managers and employees are able to develop harmoniously and respectfully shape the future.

Our clients and we consider the promotion and development of cultural reflective competence and of personal reflection competence as a prerequisite for true and lasting transformations on corporate and personal level.  

The following references are ranked alphabetically by company name. Lilly & Co, Indianapolis, USA
by Prof. Dr. Andreas Festa (Sr. Medical Director, Global Medical Affairs)
for Christine Kranz, Symbolon AG

„The coaching program, consisting of individual meetings and a team workshop, was extremely effective and very well received by my employees. Ms. Kranz has been very successful in focusing a totally heterogeneous group of different cultures and countries on the common goals that I have set up as team leader for my team. The everyday working life characterized by time and performance pressure, my employees have greatly appreciated the opportunity to experience a common phase of self-reflection. The Symbolon-Method® using paintings is very well suited for shaping this process. Ms. Kranz, who developed this methodology herself, is a fantastic moderator and empathetic companion in this process.“

www.daimler.comDaimlerChrysler AG, Stuttgart (D)
by Michael Müller (Head of Knowledge Management, DaimlerChrysler Corporate University) for Christine Kranz, Symbolon AG

„The personality analysis and the coaching broaden the understanding one has for one’s self and one’s team as well as for the current work situation. I have been very impressed with Symbolon’s work methods and can recommend this process to all innovative managers. Ing. Peter Keckeis Ges.m.b.H. + Co. KG., Röthis (A)
by Renate and Peter Keckeis (Management)
for Christine Kranz, Symbolon AG

„The first trainings with Symbolon already showed deep experience processes for our young team. This can especially be seen in positive changes in cooperation. We have been able to see a definite increase of motivation in the work process. Leadership competence was also remarkably improved by the individual personality development. Cooperating with Symbolon is comfortable and effective. The entire team is looking forward to the next training.“

www.nahrin.chNahrin AG, Sarnen (CH)
by Heinz Studer (Member of the Executive Board)
for Christine Kranz, Symbolon AG

„During and after the introduction of the management system to our company, especially aspects such as organization, structuring, facts and figures were in the forefront. Ms. Christine Kranz then took over the duty of sensitizing the outside and inside work teams for so-called «soft» factors. The heterogeneous cadre group reacted honestly to the thought processes and training units were acknowledged by all participants. Finally a number of tangible ideas and improvement suggestions were developed in the seminar, on whose implementation we are still working today. I remember the seminar fondly, for me personally and for the participating cadre group.“

www.palfinger.comPalfinger AG, Bergheim/Salzburg (A)
by Dr. Josef Fesel (Head of Human Resources)
for Christine Kranz, Symbolon AG

„When is consulting useful? When certain changes that had previously been impossible or unthinkable happen to people and organisations. And it has been my experience that such processes are not only triggered by models and concepts, but especially by the consultant’s personality in its capacity to work in an appreciating manner with other people’s «spirits». Christine Kranz is an effective consultant. I have experienced her observant manner as a consultant and tutor at work in my own team; she is professional on the practical and «delicate» levels of development work, and works in a very enthusiastic and humorous way.“

www.ribbert.chRibbert AG Grundbautechnik, Mels (CH)
by Elio Passuello (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
for Christine Kranz, Symbolon AG

„Symbolon handles the core topics with expertise and intuition. I was able to implement all I learned in my business and private life.“

Dr. oec. Eugen W. Schmid & Partner, Zürich (CH)
by Dr. oec. Eugen W. Schmid
Human Resources Consultant, Assessment specialist

„With the «Symbolon Personality Profile», Ms. Christine Kranz and Symbolon AG establish completely new possibilities for individual and team coaching.  The approach rather unusual for analytical-factual thinking manager is marked by three aspects: firstly it is inviting, secondly it is not primarily «transparent» and thirdly the individual and team evaluations show good results and an open platform for productive development conversations. I am convinced that this approach will prevail and take its place next to other traditional approaches.“

www.telekom.atTelekom Austria AG, Wien (A)
by Mag. Sonja S. Schloemmer MBA, MAES (Head of HR Development)
for Christine Kranz, Symbolon AG

„During a very difficult change process, Symbolon allowed our top management time for reflection. The coaching for the top management with the «Symbolon Personality Profile» is of highest quality and very effective. The motivational seminars eased the continuously needed changes in organization, and were especially successful for the integration of employees from former subsidiaries, since they increased the acceptance of different company cultures.“

www.hausausstellung.deTown & Country Haus Lizenzgeber GmbH, Hörselberg-Hainich (D)
by Jürgen Dawo (Firmengründer)
for Christine Kranz, Symbolon AG

„The Symbolon-Method® revealed to us, where the problems in our team were and we did much for improving our way of working together.“

www.uniqa.atUniqa Versicherungen AG , Wien (A)
by Heinz Neumayer (Head of Training Department of UNIQA Insurances AG)
for Christine Kranz, Symbolon AG

„As trainer and training officer I have tested a number of different personality profiles over the years. For me, the large difference between traditional personality profiles and the «Symbolon Personality Profile» is that I always have the impression that other profiles have a claim to permanence and there are no opportunities for change. I am basically «labelled» and do not feel motivated to permit change. What is especially impressive about the «Symbolon Personality Profile» is the efficiency factor. This method has been constructed so that one advances to personal core topics in a short time. As a person, Christine Kranz captivates by her precise approach as well as competence on the highest level, by on one hand questioning core topics and on the other hand being very motivating for the coachee without exerting pressure.“

Kundenreferenz Voestalpinevoestalpine Personalberatung und -systeme GmbH, Linz (A)
by Mag. Marion Kitzberger (Head of Training Service)
for Christine Kranz, Symbolon AG

„We have trained left-hemisphere competences for years if not decades and reached a degree of perfection which, seen from afar, is rather absurd. The concept of «more of the same» has long passed its optimal point of efficiency. We finally see that the real, effective «distributing centres» for success – for the individual and the organisation – lies far below the polarized (and trained) surfaces. So we are well advised to regard the areas in which the conscious and unconscious flow into each other, beyond the classic methods for consciousness- and organisation development. Symbolon is a great tool, both sensitive and efficient, to find  and harmonise imbalances in deeper levels. I can confirm from personal experience that both the people and the organisation will profit from this.“