Excellent Coaching and authentic Leadership through Reflection

Increase personal effectiveness and expand existing skills

Immerse yourself into digital self-study! Anytime!

Your individually selected E-Learning package accompanies you regardless of time and place.

You explore and develop your inner treasures and potentials with exciting dives into reflection. Extend your coaching with the unique Symbolon-Method®, which uses artwork, symbols and archetypes for reflection!

Through the extensive e-learning program with videos and all documents available for download, you can experience the theory and practice of reflection access and the Symbolon-Method® at your own pace. You will learn what reflection ability includes, even if someone is over- or under-reflective; how to ask reflection questions and provide feedback; how you reflect patterns and learning processes. In two chapters you will shed light on how you support personality maturity and philosophical approach. You also experience how reflection can be used to master challenges, find solutions, and make decisions. You go through your individual reflection exercises independently and design your own harmonious development process. In practice-oriented applications, you will learn how to assess and differentiate the different degrees of reflection maturity in order to accompany each person in an ideal way.

The on-site trainings create a reflection space for intensification and peer-to-peer coaching. During the three days, with each reflection dive, the collective group strength increases. This will carry you and all participants and will give you the most valuable clarification and strengthening. Your own experience gives your coaching and reflection skills an enormous development boost. With detailed feedback from the participants and the trainers, you will receive deeply enriching insights for your personal and professional future.

The certification gives highest quality assurance in the professional application. You will intensively improve your coaching skills and gain valuable support through certification to use the unique power of reflection and depth of knowledge in working with artworks.

Reflection is multidimensional and the same applies to the different reflection accesses. Through this internationally accredited reflection training, your coaching core competencies will experience a significant expansion. With newly learned concepts and tools you can steer reflection processes and direct people directly and effectively to their inner core issues and their source for new solutions, well-being and potential development.

Choose your Symbolon Reflection-Training package
The Symbolon reflection training consists of several packages that you can put together individually. E-learning is the basis for independently expanding your reflection ability. E-training or on-site training helps you develop your skills in the group. The Symbolon trainers ensure top training with a personal development process. A completed training enables you to use the Symbolon Method® based on the two books "Through Self-Reflection to Success" and "Animal Potential" for your personal use. You can use the reflection processes professionally once you have acquired the license package and successfully completed the quality inspection.

E-Learning for online self-study
For self-study a selection of about 14 hours of video on theory, instruction for exercises and live coaching case studies are available for 6 months. You can download extensive handouts and PowerPoint slides.
E-learning: EUR 480 (with later purchase of a training EUR 400 credit).

E-Learning + E-Training with Symbolon Trainers
You will be able to apply and deepen your E-Learning knowledge in 4 online sessions of about 2 hours in the group under the guidance of Symbolon Trainers.
E-Learning + E-Training: EUR 940 (possibly EUR 400 credit for e-learning package).

E-Learning + on-site training with Symbolon Trainers    
The 2 to 3 practice days on site with Symbolon trainers include approximately 16 hours of immersion and peer-to-peer coaching. The maximum number of participants of 12 people ensures the highest quality in individual personality development and application training. Also included are a Symbolon Art4Reflection guided tour in the museum, drinks and a rich snack menu.
E-learning + on-site training: EUR 1,400 (possibly EUR 400 credit for e-learning package).

License package with toolbox for commercial use
You can acquire the license to professionally use the Symbolon reflection processes and images with customers. To do this, you will go through e-learning and one of the two trainings (e-training or on-site training) and submit training documents and two recorded coaching sessions with the Animal and Harbor art work.
After licensing, you will be a Symbolon Reflection Coach and will be able to coach with the Animal and Harbor artworks. The toolbox of the license package contains:

  • Communication and marketing material in the form of texts and images
  • Toolbox for the application of the learned
  • Training concepts, PowerPoint presentations and work documents

License package incl. Licensing and toolbox: EUR 880.

No VAT wil be charged: For companies / participants from the EU countries, no VAT is charged, as it is an export good. In Liechtenstein and Switzerland, no VAT will be charged for seminars.

Download Symbolon-Training Exposé

The International Coach Federation (ICF), the world's largest and oldest association of professional coaches, has recognized the Reflection Training as high quality training for coaches with 27 Continuing Coach Education Units (14 Core Competencies, 13 Resource Development). In a complex training market the globally applicable standard provides transparency and represents the highest quality and professionalism in training and exercising of coaching.

Led by Reflection Expert Christine Kranz

Christine Kranz

Liechtensteiner, Christine Kranz, has been a top executive coach for more than 30 years and assists leading corporations and businesses like voestalpine steel GmbH or Eli Lilly & Co in Leadership Development programs. She is the founder of Symbolon AG and in 2000 developed the Symbolon-Method® to make reflection competence a key component in the success of any business. She is author of several books and a guest lecturer at various colleges and universities. And in 2002, she founded the Symbolon-Academy, in which more than 200 professionals from consulting, training and HR have undergone the training, licensing and supervision for the Symbolon-Method®.

Dates & Location

The next on-site training in Vienna:
Wed.-Fri. 20.-22. February, 2019 (in German language)
Fri.-Sun. 31. May - 2. June 2019 (in German language)
1. and 2. day: 9 am until 6 pm; 3. day: 9 am until 3 pm

Dates in English upon request

Further information, contact & registration

Contact us by phone or via email. We will gladly send you the registration form.
Registration for training is rounded off by a personal introductory and reflective discussion with Christine Kranz. In exchange, you can clarify open questions, discuss expectations and wishes.
After receipt of the registration form, the accounting is carried out. With the payment of the invoice your registration is binding.

Symbolon AG, Tristelstrasse 33/1, 9497 Triesenberg, Fürstentum Liechtenstein 
+423-390 09 63, office@symbolon.com


"The very compact course of lectures has illuminated the topic of reflection from the widest angle of view, the Symbolon reflexion methodology including the foundations on which it is based conclusively and simply explained. We were able to test and apply a lot of things directly and got a lot of material for the practice in a well-prepared manner. The whole event was characterized by a high level and extremely appreciative atmosphere - in the best sense, "family style". "
Pia Gruber, www.pia-gruber.at, Baden (Austria)

"The four-day intensive training course gave me a good theoretical insight as well as a solid introduction into the practice of coaching with works of art according to the symbolon methodology. Christine Kranz combines human generosity, attention for details, highest content concentration and linguistic precision and she has created a very productive atmosphere with this marvelous mixture in a very short time. Conveniently arranged documents facilitate the transfer into practice in the post-training period, both on the professional and on the personal level, these four days were wonderful in winter Vienna, thoroughly enriching experience - thank you! "
Dr. Almut Hüfler, www.abfev.de/about-uns/trainerinnen/details/huefler/, Berlin (Germany)