Coaches & Symbolon-Specialists who work with the Symbolon-Method®. 
Many thanks for the informative experience reports!

Maria Simmen-Blischke - Career Coach

«The online Symbolon consultations are really going great. I am very enthusiastic. It is even more intense than in a personal conversation -
I would not have expected that. Great!.»

Yvonne Schubert, Ypsiologie GmbH - Executive Coach

«With the Symbolon Method® you expand your horizons, immerse yourself in your resources, experience a real aha! experience and have the opportunity for direct pragmatic implementation in everyday professional life.»

Sabine Steege, Projekt Joker – Coaching for project manager

«In the field of project management, it is always about improving processes on the way to the goal, about finding solutions for not everyday tasks and of course about human relations in the context of different interests. Sometimes thinking just doesn't help! I go to the museum and reflect on the subject with works of art! It is a very fast, innovative, inspiring method and leads me again and again to often surprising ideas and insights. And every time I learn something about myself!»

Marcela Semper, MSConsult - Executive Senior Coach

«Whether we want to accompany people as they climb a peak or dive into the deep sea, one thing is true: we can only accompany them as far as we have gone ourselves. Symbolon activates our perception through images and symbols. We gain access to our inner values. Symbolon's approach is easy, playful, efficient and appreciative. The only challenge ahead of us is to open ourselves up to a new kind of reflection in which our mind only plays a translating role.»

Christina Kuenzle, choice ltd. - Executive Coach

«The Symbolon-Profile is more suitable than any other instrument for directly addressing very personal and hidden aspects within a very short time. The images open up psychological and emotional areas that are often not conscious to the test persons themselves and could remain hidden for a long time even from the coach. The evaluation with the Symbolon-Profile is always carried out with the highest respect. This means that when professionally handled, no "injuries" occur in this very sensitive and extremely vulnerable sphere. The Symbolon-Profile is therefore highly appreciated by the vast majority of clients and the meeting based on it is a highlight due to the depth and "colourfulness" it allows - not only because of the beautiful pictures.»

Tanja Esmyol, Change|Ahead - Business Coach

«The Symbolon-Method® is a highly efficient procedure: fast, direct and delivers a precise result. This interesting method is ideal for me. Efficient and solution-oriented.»

Esther Erni-Keusch, ekg coaching GmbH - Senior Coach

«Symbolon is used holistically. Besides the rational processes, the emotional level is also reflected. Whether it is a professional assessment, identification of talent, 2nd opinions in a recruitment or development process, or coaching - Symbolon quickly and clearly uncovers potential and issues that often remain hidden or only become visible later. The artwork and images, as well as the effective questioning technique of the consultant, which empowers the client, offer a unique approach to this. The Symbolon-Method® is efficient and sustainable.[...]»

Angelika Borissov-Sidler, LivingCorp - Leadership Coach & Trainerin

«The teams have received a surprisingly clear picture in two senses - of their 'unofficial' constellations and of their opportunities and challenges. A new understanding of their individual roles and their roles as a team has emerged. The in-depth analysis and the resulting objectives and action plans have enabled us to improve communication and cooperation and increase the productivity of the team. On an individual level, people gained a deeper insight into their strengths, motivation and their current situation at work. ...] For the company, working with the Symbolon-Method® allows them to create more understanding, trust and motivation in their management by valuing and developing their potential and personality.»

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