The Symbolism of the Logo

In order to make the symbolism of the logo available for you, we begin with a question: 

What is the first thing you see when you look at the logo?

Logo Symbolon AG


Depending on what level you bring to the front of your perspective, you will see the white area, the black area or the silver "S" with the square bordering. Try to switch between these levels or even see all three at once. What do the different levels mean? We will take a short excursion into symbolism, whereby all comments should be seen in a cultural and personal context.

Symbolic Meaning of the Individual Elements


Order, materials, the concrete, implementation, earth, mankind, the material, limits

Unity, perfection, heaven, God, images, infinity, unlimited, soul, self

Circle within Square
- a common cabalistic symbol for the spark of divine fire hidden in matter
- "divine spark" within the "materialistic shell"
- the attempt of mankind to transfer his own substance into that of the divine, to move into divinity
- the desire to bring the elements "divine" und "earthly" to an ideal accordance

Unconscious, drive, absolute, undifferentiated, abysmal, darkness, night, passivity, secret, chaos, death, mourning, evil, repentance, fear, darkness, negation of earthly vanity, conservatism, fertility, "dark spot", hidden potential

Wisdom, spirit, light, lightness, day, activity, ritual, purity, truth, perfection, conscious, clarity, virginity, active potential

Black and White
Polarity, dual system, tension, challenge, development process, unity of opposites, completeness

Reproduced and "reflected" function of thinking, realisation of consciousness, recognition, clarity, creation, reflection of "divine" intelligence, pure human heart, the eyes as "windows of the soul", indirect lighting, moon, female passivity, contemplation, water, vanity, cleverness

Symbolon word meaning
Symbolon was originally a clay ring that was broken in two as a sign of friendship from the host. The guest then took one part on his journey and gave it on to another friend. When he then came to the host and the pieces fit together, it was a sign of trust and loyalty. In this way Symbolon recognized and accepted something new from the legitimate background of something we are already familiar with.

The word "symbol" derived from a sign or image that stands for something that cannot be seen. Symbols have to be regarded as specifically human expressions. They are an attempt at expressing knowledge through many generations as well as unifying concrete outer experiences (with the environment) with inner experiences (thoughts, feelings). Symbol development and use thereof simultaneously characterize the tense and oppositional conflict that mankind not only has with nature but also with itself. According to C.G. Jung, symbols have their origin in the collective super-personal consciousness. They represent basic- and key words of humanity.

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