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The Symbolon publishing house is part of Symbolon AG and publishes books, consulting and training materials relating to Symbolon-Method ® and reflection competence. All products are made in Europe in an environmentally friendly way.

The Symbolon Books

Durch Selbstreflexion zum Erfolg

Tierisches Potenzial - Symbolon Verlag

"Durch Selbstreflexion zum Erfolg" (Self-reflection leads to success) and "Tierisches Potential" (Animal potential) by Christine Kranz will open up ways to your inner potential and give you the necessary support to realize this.

Through the Symbolon reflection process you get to your inner personality levels.

There you will gain insights about yourself and your situation, identify potentials and develop yourself and your environment further.


So far, both books are available in German language only. There are short films and extracts available for free download in German. to the German Book Site

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