The Symbolon-licensees

In our overview, we have summarized the active Symbolon-licensees in countries and sorted them in alphabetical order. All presented consultants and trainers are trained in the use of the Symbolon-Method® and depending on their level of education are authorized to work with the Symbolon-Profile (SP), the Symbolon-Team-Profile (SPT) and/or the Symbolon-Profile Intensive (SPI).

Besides the company name you read the information about the possible Symbolon offer of the licensee. The VWB Note states that the consultant has participated in in-depth training in the Symbolon-Academy and SUP announces that they are continuing their studies with supervision at the Symbolon-Academy.

Switzerland/FL  Austria  Germany  England  Eastern Europe   Latin Amercia

Overview of abbreviations:

SP Symbolon-Profile 
SPT Symbolon-Team-Profile 
SPI Symbolon-Profile Intensive 
VWB in-depth training at Symbolon-Academy
SUP supervisions at Symbolon-Academy

We gladly send you a brief description of each Symbolon-licensee upon request.