The Symbolon-Method®

Gain insights and find sustainable solutions through reflective processes

The Symbolon-Method serves executives as access to self-reflection and allows rethinking in order to generate sustainable solutions.

The Symbolon-Method is globally the only method that is based entirely on the reflection of images and symbols, and that ensures through the visual anchors the transfer of knowledge in the economy. With the Symbolon Reflection Model and the Symbolon Reflection Process knowledge and implementation processes of decision-makers are supported, represented and made ​​evaluable.

The layered, deeper understanding of their own personality structure allows to recognize the daily thought and action processes. By getting to it is possible to replace them with more efficient approaches. By the active use of these processes the leader shapes not only the present but also the future.

The scientific quality of the Symbolon-Profiles was validated by the Institute of Psychology of the University of Innsbruck in September 2005.

The Basis of the Symbolon-Method®

The Symbolon-Method® was developed by the Symbolon AG based on principles and teachings of different schools. Included are essential thoughts of psychology by Carl Gustav Jung (basic principles and theory of archetypes), Leopold Szondi (fate psychology), projective and associative reflection and testing procedures, visual and symbolic language, color theory, as well as philosophical and mythological content. Based on the Jungian concept of archetypes the Symbolon-Method® starts from a universally valid symbolic language.

The Symbolon-Method® works with famous artworks by artists such as Claude Monet, Frida Kahlo, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, Claude Lorrain or Peter Paul Rubens. All artworks contain symbolically those aspects, archetypes and symbols that are relevant in business. The works of art are specially selected for their suitability to make symbolic statements, are evaluated and validated. The symbolism, depicted in the artworks, was translated to economic processes and issues.

The buildup of the Symbolon-Method®

Symbolon-Method® contains three different task areas. Firstly: From four images two shall be selected, those the viewer encounters a positive or negative resonance. The second type of query is about the marking of a position in a painting. The question is: Where in this picture would you like to be? In the third area the task is to choose each time one term out of a word pair. The task is: Choose the term out of the word pairs that fits you better.

The term pairs that were created on the basis of Jungian typology are illustrated with additional images. They allow an assignment to certain basic settings such as extroversion and introversion, thinking and feeling, as well as intuitive and concrete access.

In the subsequent consultation, you reflect on your choice with the competent support of your Symbolon-Specialist. He or she will translate the image and symbolic language and takes you with selected questions directly into your self-reflection.