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Teamcoaching: Symbolon-Profile Team

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The Symbolon-Profile for teams, project groups and management audits brings sustainable cultural development in your company. In the digital, global world, we need cross-departmental, insightful reflection processes with deepened understanding. Extended perspectives help to clarify misunderstandings, tensions and obstacles. This enables you to identify and transform impeding patterns of thought and action. The clarifying process facilitates decision-making. You will set free a harmonious group dynamic, which is implemented purposefully and powerfully into the work process. Scope Up to 14 areas, depending on team situation Realization fill out the respective Profile online or on site write situation analysis depending on your needs with or without individual coaching Consideration of the team constelation analysis of the upcoming development steps create a Symbolon-Profile Team complete analysis 1 t 2 days workshop reflection of the team analysis and goals definition of measures and implementation steps Effect deep understanding appreciative contact adequate tolerance open communication development-friendly feedback culture flowing transfer of knowledges strengthened cohesion efficient groups clear decisions strengthening change processes mature management culture coherent strategy development dates & costs on request


+41 78 201 00 64

Tristelstrasse 33, 9497 Triesenberg, Liechtenstein

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