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Welcome to the
Symbolon Academy

In the Symbolon Academy, we train aspiring and established coaches in professional coaching with works of art. You will learn the practical application of the Symbolon Method® in business coaching. An inspiring introduction to Symbolon Coaching is provided by our compact Reflection Training. The more extensive Symbolon Course trains you in the professional application of image-based potential analysis in individual and team coaching. Our training courses are offered in German and English. Our international network of Symbolon Specialists speaks 12 languages.

Since 2015 our trainings - the Symbolon Reflection Training as well as the Symbolon Profile Training - are certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). As a coach training provider, we stand for the highest quality in business coaching. We accompany coaches on their way to ICF certification or ICF recertification and offer Mentor Coaching according to ICF standards with experienced coaches (PCC & MCC status).

We would be happy to get to know you and discuss any questions you may have about our continuing education offerings. Book a free appointment to get to know us.

Symbolon Reflection Training

Powerful transformational coaching with works of art for a brighter future!

In this coach education you are introduced to coaching with artworks, symbols and archetypes to foster reflection based on the Symbolon Method®. You will learn to work effectively and professionally with artwork in online and face-to-face business coaching.

This training is certified as Continuing Coach Education (CCE)

by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Learning objectives:

  • become a better listener and expand reflective capabilities and empathy,

  • learn and be able to apply the Symbolon questioning technique,

  • work with innovative Symbolon basic tools in one-on-one coaching


Expected outcomes:

  • boost core coaching competencies and embody a reflective coaching mindset,

  • communicate effectively by active listening and evoking awareness,

  • inspire and enhance decision-making to cultivate learning and growth.

Setup and timing:

  1.  e-learning ~16 hrs - start any time

  2.  e-training in 6 sessions each ~1.5 hrs. throughout 12 months - dates approximately every 2 weeks (see dates below)

Costs: EUR 570,- incl. c ertificate of attendance and ICF proof of 25 CCEU (22 CC, 3 RD). Instead of the 25 CCEUs, you can alternatively receive credit for 18 CCEUs (15 CC, 3 RD) and 7 hours of Group Mentoring.

For further information and registration contact us.

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Symbolon Education Dates 2024

Current lectures and workshops at

Symbolon Reflection Training E-Training in German & English (CET)

02. Sept. 5.30 to 7.00 pm

18. Sept. 5.30 to 7.00 pm

30. Sept. 2.00 to 3.30 pm

14. Okt.  5.30 to 7.00 pm

31. Okt.  2.00 to 3.30 pm

13. Nov.  5.30 to 7.00 pm


In German or English as required. You can start any time with E-Learning and E-Training dates. The E-Trainings dates will be agreed upon with the participants by Doodle.

There are no dates during the summer vacation and over the Advent, Christmas and New Year holidays.

Symbolon Course Module 1:
Symbolon Profile Training including certification & 65 hours ACSTH (ICF)

Training dates in German (CET)

Practice days in Vienna (3 days): Fri. 11. - Sun. 13.10.2024

Symbolon Course Module 2:
Symbolon Profile Intensive Training including certification

The dates will be agreed with the participants by doodle.


Training and certification in the use of the Symbolon-Profiles.

Are you looking for an individual coaching approach that allows you to dive into the deep level of knowledge with clients? Do you want to lead reflection processes that make the essential visible and bring about a genuine personality maturation?

In the Symbolon-Profile-Training you will learn to use the Symbolon-Profiles individually, making individual needs, life principles and values visible. With artworks, their symbolism and archetypes you playfully and directly lead into deep reflection processes.

Three-part setup and timing (64 hrs):

  1.  e-learning ~24 hrs - start any time

  2.  e-training ~32 hrs in 7 sessions or hybrid training 3 days in Vienna (Austria) plus 2 e-training sessions, in total 32 hours of training with supervisor (see dates for training above)

  3.  individual certification ~8 hrs. - directly after completion of training

This training is certified as Level 1 coach education by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). For the full completion of Level 1, coaches need in addition to the 64 hrs education another 3 hrs of mentoring and an ICF performance evaluation. In total the Level 1 education contains 67 hrs: 56,5 in Core Competence (CC) and 10,5 in Resource Development (RD).

The training is offered in German and English. This training is designed for coaches, consultants, trainers, human resources specialists, executives, managers and project managers, who have a professional and personal interest in personality and potential development. Read the exposé for further information.

Costs: EUR 2.970,- incl. ICF certification of partial completion (64 hrs), duration 10-12 weeks overall, 3 hrs of individual mentoring (EUR 490), ICF performance evaluation (EUR 300)

For further information and registration contact us.

«Professionalize reflection skills, shape changes effectively.»

How to become a Symbolon-Specialist:

In the Symbolon Profile Training, which is also the first module of the Symbolon Course, you will learn the Symbolon questioning technique and the themes and images of the Symbolon Profile, which you can apply after completing the individual certification.

In the Symbolon training course you will learn in about one year the professional application of the Symbolon Profile, the Symbolon Profile Intensive and the Symbolon Profile Team. Find detailed information in the exposé (PDF).
For further information and registration contact us.

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The Symbolon Profile training (with e-learning, e-training and certification) is supplemented by 3 hours of individual mentoring and an ICF Performance Evaluation recognized by the ICF as Level 1 accredited training with 67 hours of coach-specific education/training. Up to 7 mentoring hours can also be credited for the training hours. The training hours can be used for ICF re-certification (ACC/PCC/MCC).



Dive Books for Self-Reflection Brilliance

Immerse yourself in the world of self-reflection

with the practice books by Christine Kranz.


«Artworks are mirrors that direct outside attention to the inside. 

The invisible becomes visible, the essential recognizable.»

«Through Self-Reflection to Success» brings you closer to the theoretical basics of reflection work with pictures as well as concrete and practical case studies and exercises. It opens up a unique access to yourself and your working world.


«In the animal kingdom the elemental force of nature is at work. To recognize oneself in it creates access to potential, enables development, growth and maturation.»

«Animal Potential» is a practical book that takes you on a touching and exciting journey of discovery into self-reflection with animal images and the animal symbolism contained therein. Playful, profound, surprising.

ICF coach education provider

Innovative coach education provider

Our mission and vision: What do we offer training for?

Symbolon AG’s vision is to offer powerful coaching for a brighter future! As coach education provider, we stand for the highest quality of professional coaching. Since its founding in 1996, Symbolon AG has been the pioneer in coaching with artworks, symbols and archetypes. Passing on knowledge in form of training programs and building a bright community has been part of our DNA since the very beginning.

Proud ICF coach education provider since 2015

We partner with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which has more than 50.000 active coaches worldwide, to be part of the global advancement of the coaching profession. We believe the better the education offerings are, the better the coaches will be.

Since 2003, Christine Kranz, MCC, has been an active member in the ICF community. 2019 and 2020 Christine was a volunteer for ICF. In 2019, she was the President Elect and in 2020 President of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Chapter Germany and 1st Chairman of ICF Germany. Both years Germany received the Chapter Recognition Award from ICF Global.

In 2015, we submitted our main training course to the ICF for the first time in order to allow coaches to use our trainings as qualification to become an ICF accredited coach. Since then we have had our programs re-certified again and again and will continue to do so in the future as we are a proud ICF coach education provider.

Our learning philosophy: Watch and see!

Symbolon AG’s learning philosophy is to access visual and symbolic knowledge in order to raise awareness and generate access to novel ideas. During our trainings, students will get to know many works of art and experience their effect in self-reflection processes. Throughout our courses, various works of art will serve as a basis for conveying content and as a basis for increasing awareness. Participants will learn more and more to understand and use the symbolic language.

The holistic psychoanalysis according to C. G. Jung with its concepts of archetypes, symbolic language, depth psychology, association technique and type theory forms a core part of our courses.

The Symbolon training and further education courses expand the perception of art, symbolism, archetypes and potential development in an unexpected way. Practical applications in exchange sessions bring about deep insights, pattern change and transformative personality development.

Our drive: What does the coaching profession mean to us?

Coaching leads to more awareness in individuals, teams and organizations. This is a precondition for a thriving society and a more sustainable life style. We experience the delivery of coaching and coaching education as a highly rewarding and inspiring profession. Like the saying of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: He who does nothing for others does nothing for himself. (In German: Wer nichts für andere tut, tut nichts für sich.)

By coaching we support others to maximize their personal and professional potential and at the same time we stimulate our own learning and growing. Like the ICF definition describes, coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process which unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership. In our coaching, our clients experience aha moments and such insights are always inspiring!

Our philantrophic engagement beyond coaching: Empower children!

Symbolon AG initiates its own charity projects and supports initiatives and associations that promote children and their potential development as well as environmental issues. Read more

In 2021 Christine Kranz founded the „Christine Kranz Foundation“ to support projects for personal development worldwide. At the moment three art projects in Brazil receive funding.

Symbolon AG's policies and further statements as coach education provider

Please open the pdf to read our: General Disability Policy, DEIJ Statement, Grievance Policy, Participation Policy, Illness Policy, Transfer of Credit Policy and Payment/Fees Policy.

We follow the ICF Code of Ethics (see our Statement on Ethics, Integrity and Transparency).

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