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AI-supported Self-Coaching

Your anonymous coaching tool for clear, powerful decisions.

Discover the latest, scientifically evaluated, Symbolon coaching tool: An AI-powered self-coaching tool that uses the fascinating world of art and animal symbolism to promote results-oriented self-reflection and profound insights. The anonymous and customized coaching is available to you 24/7 and supports you in pursuing personal and professional goals with renewed clarity and energy.

Experience aha-moments and transfer your insights seamlessly into your everyday professional life to make authentic and effective decisions. This Symbolon tool offers the flexibility and depth to empower you to unleash your professional potential and increase your effectiveness.


Individual Coaching

Make competences visible and and let them unfold.

External structures and factors can suppress individual facilities and skills. As a result, a large part of their own possibilities lie fallow and are waiting to be used. In individual coaching with the Symbolon-Profile a deep self-reflection of unconscious values, patterns and potentials takes place. The introduction with the Symbolon situation analysis and the follow-up with the summary of the findings and measures guarantee the direct transfer to the working world. Because the profound holistic personality development creates sustainability.

«With self-knowledge to powerful personality maturity.»

Are you interested in individual coaching or do you need further, detailed information?
We look forward to your message!

Managements und Organsationen

Managements and Organisations

Development, maturation and strengthening the decision makers.

High performance requires regular mirroring. Awareness development enables a comparison of self-perception and the perception of others, role clarification, the further development of strengths, the transforming of weaknesses, a change of values and much more.

The Symbolon-Profile Intensive makes this easy, fast and powerful. The artistic approach leads aesthetically and directly to self-reflection. Individuals and management teams enter a multidimensional view of their complex and demanding world. This creates a new and unique level of experience with a differentiated and authentic leadership and management development.

«Clearer decisions and more effective results through reflective competence.»

Whether for further information, a first personal meeting or a pre-analysis:

We are at your disposal!


Team Coaching and Groups

Create clarity with understanding and achieve goals effectively.

Away from arguing and discussing, towards close listening and understanding. In the Symbolon team process, guided reflection processes and clarifying interactions enable the value-free illumination of current issues as well as the joint elaboration and visualization of what is hidden. By clarifying individual perspectives and different perceptions, essential resources are released.

Hidden and unused potentials become tangible and further developed. The insights gained by the team are summarized in actionable and scheduled measures and implemented in the work processes with a clear commitment.  

«Connecting people and enabling quality of life in the workplace.»

In a personal meeting, we can discuss which individual steps and goals you are aiming for and whether Symbolon team coaching is right for you.

You use coaching as a mirror for decision making.

Online Meetings

Lectures and short workshops as development boosters!

Experience exciting topics about self-reflection and art coaching in various online and interactive meetings. You will get to know the Symbolon-Method® with its incomparable effect.
Benefit from the exchange with Christine Kranz, Dr. Friederike Redlbacher, as well as other participants and interested parties.

«Using artworks and questions of association to gain insights into
the internal depth and capture new dimensions.»


Join an Online Meeting of your choice and be inspired by the world of
archetypes and symbols!

Symbolon Art4Reflection

Transform the museum into a coaching room and marvel.

Experience self-reflection in the museum. You will build associations with your masterpieces, slow down and get inside yourself immediately. Your own work issues are illuminated, clear solutions emerge. The Symbolon Art4Reflection leads you into extended dimensions of insight. Please contact us for further information:


You will be amazed to discover that an artwork triggers the most diverse thoughts and inner images and thus quite individual thought patterns become visible. We are also happy to offer individual tours for companies, teams and groups at your local museum. Please feel free to contact us.

Let yourself be taken on a journey of discovery - a highlight for your
potential development!

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