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An excerpt of the companies that we were allowed to accompany
with the Symbolon-Method®.
Thank you very much for the appreciative testimonials!


Intermarket Bank AG, Vienna (A)
Sebastian Erich (CEO) 

«Christine Kranz accompanies the top management team of Intermarket Bank in a thoroughly challenging change process. [...] The Symbolon Method® is very well suited to promoting common ground in a team of very different personalities.»


Eli Lilly & Co, Indianapolis, USA

Univ. Prof. Dr. Andreas Festa (Sr. Medical Director, Global Medical Affairs)

«The coaching program, consisting of individual sessions and a workshop in the team was very successful and was very well received by my employees. [...] The Symbolon Method® using paintings is very well suited to shape this process. Ms Kranz, who developed this method herself, is a fantastic facilitator and sensitive companion in this process»


Similasan AG, Jonen (CH)

Dr. Urs Lehmann (CEO)

«He who stops trying to be better has stopped being good. Along this line of thought, Christine Kranz accompanied us in an outstanding way in our exciting change management project. [...] Each individual as well as we as the management team are united and strengthened from this process back into everyday life and have been able to take our cooperation to the next level. Would we do the process with Christine Kranz again? Absolutely!»


Jüstrich Cosmetics AG, Berneck (CH)

Jürg König (CEO)

«Due to the enormous growth of our company, we were confronted with the topic "restructuring of teams and executives". The two-day management workshop with Christine Kranz contributed significantly to making Jüstrich Cosmetics AG fit for the future. We are convinced that we are now able to achieve our goals much more easily through interface analysis, development, analysis of the current situation and future scenarios, leadership style development, cultural development & shaping the future as well as concrete action planning. Many thanks for the great seminar!»


Elektrizitätswerk des Kantons Schaffhausen AG, Schaffhausen (CH)

Christian Bigler (CFO)

«Now I have already had the same positive experience in the second company and with the second team: After a difficult and stressful time we found each other through team development and were able to establish a good basis for an open and successful cooperation. Thanks to Christine Kranz, her methodology, experience and personality.»


Compona AG, Fehraltorf (CH)

Riet Morell (CEO Compona AG)

«The Symbolon workshop was a real experience for us with a lot of cheerfulness and fun. [...] The coaching by Christine Kranz in the use of Symbolon is impressive because of the simplicity with which delicate issues can be tackled without hurting anyone. I can highly recommend such a workshop to managers who want to find themselves in a new team.»


DaimlerChrysler AG, Stuttgart (D) 

Michael Müller (Head of Knowledge Management, DaimlerChrysler Corporate University) 

«Personality analysis and coaching expand the understanding of oneself and the team as well as the current situation at work. I am impressed by Symbolon's working methodology and can recommend all innovative managers to get involved in the process.»


Baumeister Ing. Peter Keckeis Ges.m.b.H. + Co. KG., Röthis (A)

Renate and Peter Keckeis (CEO)

«For our young management team, the first training sessions with Symbolon already have a profound effect on the processes of experience. This is particularly evident in the positive change in the way we work together. We can see a clear increase in motivation in the work process. Leadership skills have also improved noticeably due to individual personality development. Cooperation with Symbolon is pleasant and effective. The whole team is already looking forward to the next training.»


Nahrin AG, Sarnen (CH)

Heinz Studer (Member of the management)

«During and after the introduction of the management system in our company, values such as organisation, structuring, facts and figures were in the foreground. Christine Kranz now took over the task of sensitizing the field and office management to so-called 'soft' factors. The heterogeneous group of managers reacted to the food for thought with genuine concern and the training units were received extremely positively by all participants. [...] I still have very fond memories of the seminar series, for myself personally and for the management group involved.»


Palfinger AG, Bergheim/Salzburg (A)

Dr. Josef Fesel (Head of Human Resources)

«When is counseling effective? When changes occur in people and organizations that were previously not possible or even imaginable. [...] Christine Kranz is an effective consultant. I have experienced her in working with my own team as a very watchful observer and companion, who is professional, passionate and humorous in her work on both the practical and 'subtle' levels of development work.»


Telekom Austria AG, Vienna (A)

Mag. Sonja S. Schloemmer MBA, MAES (Leitung HR Development)

«Symbolon enabled our top management to find time for reflection during a very tough change process. The coaching sessions for top management with the Symbolon-Profile Intensive are of the highest quality and effective.»


Town & Country Haus Lizenzgeber GmbH, Hörselberg-Hainich (D)

Jürgen Dawo (Founder)

«The Symbolon Method® has shown us where the problems lie in the team and we have been able to improve a lot for our teamwork.»


voestalpine Personalberatung und -systeme GmbH, Linz (A)

Mag. Marion Kitzberger (Head of educational services)

«At last we realize that the real - in the sense of effective - 'control centers' for success - both individual and entire organizational units - lie deep below the pleasingly polished (and equally well-trained) surfaces. We are therefore well advised to go beyond the classical methods of personnel and organisational development and consider those areas where the conscious and the unconscious merge. Symbolon is a great instrument, because it is both sensitive and efficient, for tracking down and harmonising discrepancies in deep layers. I can confirm from personal experience that people and organizations benefit from it.»


Mondi Group, Wien (A)
Margit Lebeda (Personal Assistant to CEO)

«Coaching with the Symbolon Method® - A great personal experience, but also a great tool for e.g. the human resources department in companies for new/replacement staffing, potential analysis, but also for determining the current position for outplacements..»


Uniqa, Wien (A)

Regine Eder, Teamleader

«The methodology has triggered an 'aha-experience' in me - to look at things differently, to allow new approaches and finally, if you listen to your gut feeling, ideas and possible solutions develop 'pictorially' by themselves. It would never have occurred to me to build this bridge to the world of work.»

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