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Use artworks in coaching and bring about transformation.

Get to the point in the shortest possible time: Where would you like to be in this port?


Symbolon Coaching and Training

Reflective skills are the key to using your own resources and potential.

For us, coaching is areflective and stimulating process, who creatively supports people, teams and organizations to develop their potential. Our pictorial method leads through reflection with works of artfrom the head to the emotional level. With masterpieces by artists such as Monet, Kahlo and Rembrandt, it is easy and fascinating to do this, in addition to the analytical approachvisual intuitive grasping to develop.


By choosing the artworks and theown associationsthis is coaching with works of art:

  • in no timeat the crucial points

  • The result ishonestinstead of socially desirable and

  • Essential insights expand the scope for action.

Coaching with Symbolon profiles

Competency expansion through a powerful, visual coaching tool.

The Symbolon profile serves as abasisfor individual and team coaching and leads into oneintensive reflection process. Special questioning techniques and the specification of preferences reveal competencies of the inner levels in the image analysis.The hidden becomes visiblemade, potentials analyzed and precise conclusions drawn about one's own personality and basic attitude.

Symbolon-Methode: Coaching mit Kunstwerken, Symbolen und Archetypen
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Our quality management guarantees coachees and coaches alike professionalism at the highest level. thescientific validityof the Symbolon profile (objective, reliable and valid) and theRecognition from the International Coaching Federationform the strong foundation. The symbolon profiles are individually used for potential analysis forExecutives and management or for team developmentapplied.

Symbolon-Training incl. Certification
and 65 h. ACSTH (ICF) - 100% online

Training dates in German in 2023 with e-training (CET)

Online Kickoff: 27.2. 18.00-19.00

March-April 2023: Mondays & Thursdays in 13/16/20/22/27/30/3 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m


Training dates in English in 2023 with e-training (CET)

Online Kickoff: 4.4. 18.00-19.00

April-May: Mondays & Thursdays, 17/20/24/27/2 (Tuesday)/4./8. from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m

Symbolon Academy

Experience reflection competence in a professional and applicable way.

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You want to lead reflection processes thatMake essentials visibleandbring about transformation? In theSymbolon Profile Trainingand in the Symbolon course you will learn how to use the Symbolon profiles individually and with teams, thus making individual needs, life principles and values visible. Withartworks, of theirsymbolismandarchetypeslead you playfully and directly into deep reflection processes.


Expand your offer with our innovative coaching tools and benefit from the wealth of experience in supervision, for exampleinternational symbolon communityfrom professional coaches, trainers and HR specialists. The next Symbolon profile training starts on October 4, 2022. Detailed information is available in the exposé:


The Symbolon profile training (with e-learning, e-training and certification) is one recognized by the ICFACSTH(Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) accredited training65 hoursCoaching specific training.

Up to 7 mentoring hours can also be credited for the training hours.


brilliant & authentic


essential & sustained


touching & insightful

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