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Our Vision for AI in Coaching: Empowerment, not instruction!

Updated: 11 hours ago

AI and Art in Coaching: Insights from The High-Performance CEO Show 

As the CEO of Symbolon AG, I had the privilege of discussing the innovative blend of AI, art, and coaching on The High-Performance CEO Show hosted by Sebastian Schieke. My focus lies on the transformative potential of AI in coaching, emphasizing its accessibility and efficiency. At Symbolon, we have developed a unique AI-supported coaching tool that incorporates art to enable innovative solutions and insights. 

In our method, we merge proven image-based coaching with AI and harness the art of in-depth, results-oriented self-reflection. Our understanding and attitude are that professional coaching enables the coachee to find their own solutions. It's about empowerment, not providing answers. This distinction is vital in differentiating coaching from consulting or mentoring. 

For more insights, feel free to watch the full interview and don't hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn. Further information and the booking option for AI-supported Symbolon Coaching can be found at  

Dr. Friederike Redlbacher

Symbolon specialist, Hamburg


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