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Safe AI coaching solutions - a look at art

The confined Mondrian space as a metaphor for the Symbolon Self-Coaching with AI Chatbot

With the launch of Symbolon Self-Coaching based on AI chatbot, I realized that there are a lot of concerns about artificial intelligence (AI). The barrier to actively engaging with AI is high. Higher than I could ever have imagined. After all, I and the team at Symbolon AG have been pioneers in the field of innovative coaching and organizational development for decades.

Above all, I see opportunities and possibilities in technological innovations. Every new development is subject to the credo "highest quality". The following work "Composition ll with red, blue and yellow" by Piet Mondrian serves me as a metaphor for this central quality requirement:

Kunstwerk mit rot, blau, gelb und weißen rechteckigen Flächen mit schwarzer Rahmung

The work of art opens up in all directions through the open surfaces. It shows no beginning and no end, it has no frame, it is boundless. This is how the open web can be understood. With the further development and intensification of AIs and chatbots, there are more and more critical voices about this boundless openness. Understandably, boundlessness triggers justified uncertainty and fears.

It is helpful to distinguish which type of AI is used for programming. The Symbolon AI solution is in the secure area. The AI chatbot can only use the Symbolon question technique. Every possible question and answer is programmed and evaluated. The participants are symbolically located in Mondrian's picture in the blue, demarcated area. They can be sure that there will be no exchange with the other areas or the open space (open web). Participants also leave no personal traces or data behind. The program is hosted by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). The highest European data protection standards are met.

With this in mind, I invite you to examine the new AI chatbot innovations sensitively and critically. What kind of AI is being used? What is the quality standard? What happens to the data? And only when the quality and security checks are clear and appropriate should you fully engage. Because AI chatbot solutions have long since arrived. Let's help shape the future, seize the opportunities, at the highest level and with a passion for innovation.

Picture credit: Komposition ll, mit rot, blau und gelb, 1930, Piet Mondrian


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