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Scholarships for 18 people worldwide in September 2021

Application is open till August 26th

I am grateful to look back on a fulfilling company development in the context of the 25th anniversary of Symbolon AG. For me personally, it was a path full of challenges and fields of learning. It was always important to me to take advantage of opportunities to contribute to quality of life and development of potential.

Worldwide - beyond any boundaries

I wanted to create something that was beyond any boundaries. Finally, my wish turned into reality as I announced to grant 18 scholarships to people with consulting positions all over the world. The scholarship is aimed at 18 coaches or people in consulting professions who wish to apply the Symbolon-Method® and speak English. They are drivers of change and strive to strengthen reflection skills and the development of potential on an individual and organizational level.

The scholarship covers the entire English Symbolon-Reflection-Training in September 2021 with E-Learning, E-Training, individual certification, licensing package and 24 ICF Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs). The kick-off is at the end of August, the individual certification in October 2021. More information can be found in our exposé.

Scholarship places still available

To have 3 participants from every continent would be a fantastic result. We just got some applications from Europe, Asia and Australia. There are still some places left and we would be happy to receive applications from all continents especially from South and North America, Africa, and Australia. I am grateful for everyone who shares this message and recommends the scholarship worldwide. Submit the scholarship application by August 26 using this form.

Thank you

Many people have helped to shape and contribute this project to make it accessible for people around the world. It was very exciting to launch a new project that I have dreamt of for a long time. I am grateful for everyone who applied for the Symbolon-Reflexion-Training scholarship and recommended it to other people across the globe. With this milestone, I hope that other coaches will use the Symbolon-Method and enhance reflexion through art and establish reflection competence in business.

Christine Kranz - MCC

Image: Shutterstock/Symbolon AG


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