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Symbolon AG & ICF – Coaching at the highest quality

Coaching is a relatively young profession and is often questioned regarding quality, standards and regulations. Which is good, because it ensures that the pursuit of quality standards remains at the highest level and their assurance is guaranteed.

The ICF as guaranty of the highest quality

Since 2001 I have been connected to the ICF (International Coaching Federation): The world's oldest and largest coaching association, with approx. 40,000 members in 143 countries.

I remember the first ICF meetings in Zurich, where HR and coaches in companies such as Credit Swiss, met to share their international experiences. We have experienced fascinating evenings and inspired one another in the process. Until today I have been remained loyal to ICF. Especially in the past years the cooperation has intensified by becoming president of ICF Deutschland e.V.. In my function as ICF Global responsible I am allowed to help shaping the international development of the coaching world. Always with the focus on highest quality.

I am especially pleased to be able to participate in the ICF Deutschland Prism Award project team. An acknowledgement for companies and organizations in german-speaking countries for outstanding and exemplary coaching offers, which is awarded annually.

In other words: quality is at the top of the ICF agenda! The 3-step ICF certifications, with guidelines on ethical standards and core competencies, place the highest demands and provide the coaches with orientation on their way to become MCC. Furthermore, it is important that the coaches must be recertified every 3 years. This guarantees that the quality remains at the highest possible level and meets the latest requirements.

It is also essential that the ICF is open and neutral in its work. For this reason, certification is only carried out at the global level and independently of any educational institution. Also, non-members of ICF can be certified.

ICF quality in the Symbolon Academy

The Symbolon trainings pursue the highest quality standards and therefore receive global recognition from the ICF, as high-quality training and further education:

With the participation and completion of the Symbolon-Reflection-Training (with E-Learning, Training and Certification), participants receive "Continuing Coach Education Units" (CCEU).

The Symbolon-Profile-Training with ACSTHs Module 1 of the Symbolon-Profile-Training, the application of the Symbolon-Profile, has recently been recertified by the ICF. The total of 65 hours (including E-Learning, Training and Certification) is a training course accredited by the ICF as "Approved Coach Specific Training Hours" (ACSTH). This will enable participants to apply for membership of ICF and to start on the path to the first certification level "Associate Certified Coach" (ACC).

A huge thank you!

Thanks to all those who have trusted me and the Symbolon AG over the past 30 years. The Symbolon team, the Symbolon specialists and I are delighted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Symbolon-Method® with you this year. Many thanks also to the ICF for the development-oriented pioneering spirit.


We continue to stand for quality and ethics. Coaching is a profession that strives to be of value to individuals, companies and organizations. Especially now, in these challenging times, coaches can provide exemplary high quality proof.

Christine Kranz

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