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When vision meets enthusiasm!

Updated: Apr 15

When I founded Symbolon AG in Vaduz in my home country, the Principality of Liechtenstein on the 4th of April in 1996, I could not imagine how the company would develop. The name "Symbolon" was powerful and coherent for me. Originally it referred to a ring made of clay, which, broken into halves, was a sign of trust and hospitality for merchants and travelers.

Pioneer Achievement

During my studies at the Carl Gustav Jung Institute in Küsnacht/Zurich, I had the idea of creating the Symbolon-Method®. A lecturer used artworks to explain mythological stories to us. My vision was to use artworks as a metaphor for gaining insights in business. Filled with fascination, I discovered unexpected energy. The implementation of the method required discipline and endurance, intensive support and large investments. Highs and lows, joy and sorrow often came together. Challenges motivated me as well as my companions and ensured that over all these years the method has always been developed further, books have been created and that step by step, growth was and still is possible.

Quality of life

My decisions are mainly decisions of the heart. I live for meaningfulness, for self-development, for interpersonal relations, for real quality of life – not only in general – but also at work. I am people-oriented. I believe that the more profoundly someone knows themselves, with all their strengths and weaknesses, the more the person can relate to others. I would like to encourage lifelong learning, potential development and personality maturation in order to establish reflection competence in business. In order to increase understanding and appreciation.

Making the invisible visible

Not only people, but also companies go through different phases of life. The Symbolon AG has challenged me to constantly work on myself in its development phases. From the small country Liechtenstein in the center of Europe, via the cities Zurich and Vienna, to international collaborations. Worldwide availability, the constant expansion of borders was and is my vision. The last months have shown that the future is uncertain. The more reflection competence we have, the more flexible and coherent we can adapt ourselves – both personally and with our companies. By listening, we succeed in recognizing the essential and making the invisible visible.


I look back with indescribable gratitude and joy on 25 fulfilled and eventful years with the Symbolon AG and all the people who have supported it. I am grateful for all those who got involved with the Symbolon-Method® and with me. Grateful for processes with clients who have honestly and intensively dealt with themselves and their environments. Many people have helped to shape the method, applied it with commitment and worked for its further development. Thank you all - I look forward to the future and everything that may arise!

Best wishes and greetings,

Christine Kranz

Christine Kranz

Picture credit: Symbolon AG, Sabine Klimpt


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