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Achieving more through reduction

Updated: Apr 15

Less is more! How reflection helps to identify ballast and to leave the comfort zone

Personal and organizational developments require planning, patience, discipline and a clear vision. For this, we must recognize the meaning and the essential issues, usually bring high levels of commitment and be ready to give everything.

This is often difficult because our culture of prosperity and fear makes us lethargic and paralyzed. Fear of loss is nourished; potential development is prevented. Far too many “ifs” and “buts” stand in our way. You might recognize statements like these from your own thoughts and feelings “I cannot do that because someone or something …”? Often blockages and failures are justified by external factors. But these thoughts or attitudes are immature and self-preventing. Because external and internal factors impact each other.

Reflection helps in the overabundance of possibilities to remember that central changes are not primarily about what we amplify or augment, but what we reduce or eliminate. Efficient is who in cooperation encourages each other to create clarity and to throw unnecessary ballast out the window. Lightweight luggage allows agility indoors and outdoors.

In joint action, it is crucial for success to constantly make ourselves aware of blind spots, to allow self-responsibility and to leave the comfort zone with determination. This opens up new perspectives and powerful opportunities for the future. To also set high goals through reflection with others. To be optimistic and at the same time to expect that the desired may not be achieved.

Extraordinary goals, be it for yourself or your organization, need an innovative attitude and infectious inspiring spirit of optimism. After all, something not achieved is a smaller loss than a missed opportunity.

Let’s go with less, for more success!

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Christine Kranz in Web


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