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Enable happiness & shape destiny

Does Fortuna know the secrets of the Wheel of Fortune? Does the goddess of fortune and fate of Roman mythology determine destiny? Her moodiness makes her unpredictable, in a way a reflection of ubiquitous uncertainty. Because even though we believe we know what we are doing, we still cannot be sure what it means and repercussions it brings.

Creating the working life with mindfulness

Mindfulness is key, especially in this knowledge society ton not entangle oneself and one’s surrounding in a web of wrong decisions. Fate is generated by your own orientation. People who strive for a conscious life and work organization through self-responsibility are characterized by their individual and authentic lifestyle. To do this it helps to swing back and forth between egoism and altruism: taking care of one’s own personal self and at the same time committing to the collective greatness. For only a self-reflective, strong personality can leave a lasting mark on society and the world of work to enable fulfilling fate.

Let go of the flow of the wheel of fortune and seize opportunities

The artwork “The Wheel of Fortune” by Edward Burne-Jones depicts the fortune goddess Fortuna as she watches over the wheel of fortune. In the rotation of the wheel, low follows high, after the fall comes the ascent. The personal commitment and solidarity of the people and their mutual support enhances happiness and shapes destiny. Self-reflection helps maintain the natural flow of life cycles. We can see clearer, what unnecessary burden we carry with us and what it is we have to say goodbye to in peace and with gratitude. The freedom from design thus opens up new perspectives on oneself and the environment and makes hidden options visible. To dare taking risks and to seize opportunities resolutely releases the power to life. In the cycles of life, with courage and trust, we can always grow beyond ourselves and achieve a high degree of maturity.

Culture of responsible encouragement

Those who work with people — be it in leadership, in management, with customers and in daily cooperation — take responsibility for internal and external development. The goal is the success of others. Empowering employees and customers and appreciating the achievements. People are intrinsically motivated when you care about them and they feel understood. Posing key questions such as the following provides clarity and strength to tackle the challenges. They deepen the relationship and strengthen solidarity:

  • How do you feel with the cooperation?

  • Do you receive enough feedback and appreciation from me?

  • What do you need from me to feel good and to be successful

Everyone can help shaping the development of culture. With honesty, empathy and genuine interest in oneself and others. To bring happiness is easy if we surrender ourselves to the wheel of fortune free of prejudices, if we learn from the fate we went through, and gratefully strive on. Almost by itself, visions and strengths develop to create successful and meaningful works.

Christine Kranz in Web

Image: The Wheel of Fortune, 1883, Edward Burne-Jones, Musée d’Orsay, Paris


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