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I am what I decide to become.

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Before you continue reading, look at the artwork and take your first impression.

Fullness and narrowness - a driving dynamic

"I and the village" shows the fullness of life. In the picture, the areas of life push into each other. At first glance, they seem orderly. Looking at it more intensively, it seems overloaded and interlocked. The dynamics, fullness and narrowness are indicated in the many overlapping representations. For example, the powerful relationship and strong closeness becomes perceptible in the direct eye and gaze contact between the two figures. Due to the high density, the individual people, areas of life and themes cannot unfold freely.

Symbolically, this could stand for a mindset in which a person perceives him- or herself too little through too much hustle and bustle on the outside. The outside determines the way and the inner decision-making ability is weakened. Maybe the tree, which is shown small in relation, offers a solution. The tree (of life) in the lower center appears radiant and full of potential. To grow, it needs space to unfold.

The dynamics within me - setting liberating steps

In this sense, we invite you to an associative reflection with the artwork. You will certainly remember your first impression. Now look at the artwork again and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which topics should get less space in the future? What do you want to end?

  • Which topics should get more space in the future? What do you want to start anew?

  • Keep looking at the artwork and put yourself in the future. How does the picture change?

Your answers shape your space and make room for your tree. Through associative self-reflection, you consciously give your professional and entrepreneurial development space and direction and don't just let it happen. That this has an immediate effect is underscored by the quote attributed to Carl Gustav Jung about the relevance of conscious decisions: "I am not what happened to me. I am what I decide to become."

Deepening and expansion

Are you ready to decide anew? In coaching we support you to define suitable professional steps and to implement them successfully, goal-oriented and effective. The artwork of the Symbolon-Method® says more than 1000 words and your associations show you immediately how the goals can be achieved. Feel free to book a free initial meeting.

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Christine Kranz, MCC

Bildnachweis: Marc Chagall, I and the Village, 1911, MoMA, New York, edited by Artsdot


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